Objective Questions

1. Find the odd one out

    a) Mouse   b) OMR   c) C++   d) Joystic

Answer: C

2. Pick out OOP language from the following

    a) Pascal   b) COBOL   c) C++   d) C

Answer: C

3. Pick out the unary operator from the following

    a) %   b) *   c) ++   d) /

Answer: C

4. Pickout user defined datatypes from the following

    a) char   b) void   c) struct   d) double

Answer: C

5. Select the entry controlled loop from the following

    a) while   b) do...while   c) for   d) None of these

Answer: A

6. Which of the following is the correct declaration of the array?

    a) Int m(10)   b) int[10] m   c) m[10] int   d) int m[10]

Answer: D

7. Identify the last index of the array float P[8] from the following choice?

    a) 7   b) 8   c) 0   d) 9

Answer: A

8. A function returns.....values

    a) zero   b) one   c) zero and one   d) None of these

Answer: C

9. Pick out the address operator from the following

    a) *   b) &&   c) &   d) sizeof()

Answer: C

10. C++ is a.....paradigm language

    a) Object Oriented   b) Procedure Oriented   c) Both the above   d) None of these

Answer: C

11. C,PASCAL,FORTRAN and BASIC are examples of.....

    a) Object Oriented   b) Procedure Oriented   c) Both the above   d) None of these

Answer: B

12. To reduce complexity in procedural paradigm the functions associated with a common task are grouped into.....

    a) Stuctures   b) Programmes   c) Modules   d) Interfaces

Answer: C

13. Data is undervalued in.....paradigm

    a) Object Oriented   b) Procedural Oriented   c) Both the above   d) None of these

Answer: B

14. .....is a prototype/blue print that defines the specification common to all objects of a particular type

    a) Object   b) Class   c) Method   d) Interfaces

Answer: B

15. .....of the class are called individual instances

    a) Object   b) Class   c) Method   d) Interfaces

Answer: A

16. Based on a class.....number of objects can be created

    a) 3   b) 2   c) Any   d) 1

Answer: C

17. Calling member function of an object from another object is called.....

    a) Sending letter   b) Calling function   c) Passing Message   d) Switching

Answer: C

18. In object oriented programming.....refers to a programming language's ability to process objects differently depending on their data type or class

    a) Encapsulation   b) Abstraction   c) Inheritance   d) Polymorphism

Answer: D

19. The process of giving different task to functions with the same name, but different signature is called

    a) Inheritance   b) Function Overloading   c) Passing Message   d) Switching

Answer: B

20. .....number of definitions can be attached to a function name

    a) 0   b) 1   c) 2   d) None of these

Answer: D

21. Deriving a sub class from multiple base class is called.....inheritance

    a) Single   b) Hierarchical   c) Multiple   d) Multilevel

Answer: C

22. While using.....visibility mode, the public members of base class become public to derived class

    a) Public   b) Private   c) Protected   d) Either public or private

Answer: A

23. The function int add(int,float) matches with

    a) add(20)   b) add(10,15.5)   c) add(13.5)   d) None of these

Answer: B

24. Pick out the odd one out

    a) Oracle   b) SQL Server   c) C++   d) ACCESS

Answer: C

25. Choose the correct database level that is closest to the storage device

    a) External   b) Logical   c) Physical   d) Conceptual

Answer: C

26. In the rational model, degree is termed as .....

    a) Number of tuples   b) Number of attributes   c) Number of tables   d) Number of constraints

Answer: B

27. .....model operates at the lowest level of abstraction, describing how the data are saved on storage device

    a) External Level   b) Physical Level   c) Conceptual Level   d) View Level

Answer: B

28. In a relational model, rows are termed as.....

    a) Tuples   b) Attributes   c) Tables   d) Cardinality

Answer: A

29. Pick out the odd one out

    a) DML   b) DDL   c) DCL   d) HLL

Answer: D

30. Manu wants to add a new column to a table. What type of command is used to do it?

    a) DML   b) DDL   c) DCL   d) None of these

Answer: B

31. The command used to add a new column to a table


Answer: A

32. The command to eliminate the table CUSTOMER from database is


Answer: B

33. Which of the following is the correct order of keywords for SQL SELECT statement is


Answer: A

34. Name the clause used to sort the details in ascending order

    a) GROUP BY   b) ORDER BY   c) LIKE   d) DISTINCT

Answer: B

35. Pick out the odd one out


Answer: A

36. Which of the following is not a pictorial drawing?

    a) isometric   b) multiview   c) perspective   d) axonometric

Answer: B

37. Hidden lines are drawn as

    a) Dashed narrow line   b) Dashed wide line   c) Long-dashed dotted wide line   d) Long-dashed double dotted wide line

Answer: a

38. The line connecting a view to note is called

    a) Dimension line   b) Projection line   c) Leader   d) Arrowheads

Answer: C

39. When two angles together make 90 degree, they are called

    a) Obtuse angle   b) Reflex angle   c) complementary angle   d) supplementary angle

Answer: C

40. The included angle of hexagon is

    a) 30 degree   b) 60 degree   c) 120 degree   d) 150 degree

Answer: A

41. The attribute face,size and color are associated with.....tag

    a) <body>   b) <font>   c) <center>   d) <marquee>

Answer: B

42. Which attributes specifies an alternative text to be displayed in case were the browser is unable to display the image specified in the SRC attribute

    a) Align   b) Height   c) Hspace   d) Alt

Answer: D

43. Which tag is used to create a drop down list box?

    a) <select>   b) <list>   c) <input type="list">   d) <option>

Answer: A

44. Which of the following is correct about JavaScript?

    a) Javascript is light weight, interpreted programming language   b) Javascript has object-oriented capabilities that allow you to build interactivity into otherwise static HTML pages   c) The general-purpose core of the language has been embedded in Netscape, Internet Explorer and other web browsers   d) All of the above

Answer: D

45. Javascript is a......language?

    a) Application   b) Programming   c) Scripting   d) None of these

Answer: C

46. Javascript is .....Side scripting language?

    a) Server   b) Client   c) ISP   d) None of these

Answer: B

47. Which of the following type of variable is visible only within a function where it is defined?

    a) Global Variable   b) Local Variable   c) Both the above   d) None of these

Answer: B

48. Javascript is designed for

    a) To Style HTML pages   b) To add interactivity to HTML pages   c) To execute query related to DB on Server   d) To perform server side scripting operation

Answer: B

49. What should appear at the very end of your Javascript ?

    a) </script>   b) <script>   c) END statement   d) None of these

Answer: A

50. ........tag is an extension to HTML that can enclose any number of Javascript statements

    a) <script>   b) <body>   c) <head>   d) <title>

Answer: A

51. What is the correct Javascript syntax to write "Hello World"?

    a) System.out.println("Hello World")   b) println("Helo World");   c) document.write("Hello World")   d) response.write("Hello World")

Answer: C

52. Which of the following event fires when the form element loses the focus

    a) onfocus()   b) onblur()   c) onclick()   d) ondbclick()

Answer: B

53. Which built-in method returns the calling string value converted to lower case in Javascript?

    a) toLowerCase()   b) toLower()   c) changeCase()   d) None of these

Answer: A

54. Odd one out

    a) VB Script   b) Javascript   c) SQL   d) PHP

Answer: C

55. Select invalid variable name in PHP

    a) $123   b) $FirstName   c) $Last Name   d) Number1

Answer: B

56. Example of mobile operating system is

    a) iOS   b) Android   c) BlackBerry   d) All the above

Answer: D

57. .....Technology in mobile communication enjoying high market share globally?

    a) GSM   b) CDMA   c) CLOUD   d) All of these

Answer: A

58. UNIVAC is

    a) Universal Automatic Computer   b) Universal Array Computer   c) Unique Automatic Computer   d) Unvalued Automatic Computer

Answer: A

59. Which of the following is not an input device?

    a) Scanner   b) Barcode Reader   c) OMR   d) Plotter

Answer: Plotter

60. The term gigabyte refers to …………….

    a) 1024 bits   b) 1024 Bytes   c) 1024 KB   d) 1024 MB

Answer: 1024MB

61. Word 'RAM' stands for

    a) random access memory   b) read access memory   c) read arithmetic memory   d) random arithmetic memory

Answer: A

62. Component in a PC switch electronic signals and electric power

    a) Resistor   b) transistor   c) capacitor   d) diode

Answer: B

63. ………….is used to store electrical signal

    a) Resistor   b) transistor   c) capacitor   d) diode

Answer: C

64. Odd one out

    a) Key board   b) mouse   c) cooling fan   d) scanner

Answer: C

65. Which of the following is not an example for guided media

    a) Fiber Optic Cable   b) Coaxial Cable   c) Radio Transmission   d) Twisted Pair Cable

Answer: C

66. Which of the following topology the failure of one computer can have an impact on the entire. network

    a) Bus   b) Star   c) Ring   d) Mesh

Answer: C

67. Which of the following is provides reliable communication

    a) UDP   b) TCP   c) IP   d) All the above

Answer: B

68. IPV4 is

    a) 16bit   b) 32bit   c) 64bit   d) 128bit

Answer: B

69. What is the natural mask of class C network

    a)   b)   c)   d)

Answer: B

70. Use of sub netting is

    a) it divides networks into network classes   b) It divides large network into smaller one   c) It speeds up the data transfer   d) None of the above

Answer: B

71. Each computer functions as both a client and a server in……

    a) Distributed configuration   b) peer-to-peer configuration   c) Client-Server Configuration   d) None of the above

Answer: B

72. What is the use of ping command

    a) to test a hard disk fault   b) to test a bug in application   c) To test a device on network is reachable   d) None of the above

Answer: C

73. DTP stands for ---------------

    a) Desk Top Printing   b) Desk Top Process   c) Desktop Publishing   d) Design Type Printing

Answer: C

74. Which tool is used foe cropping in CorelDraw?

    a) Shape Tool   b) Pick Tool   c) Knife tool   d) Fill Tool

Answer: A

75. How do you create a new file in Photoshop using the drop down menu?

    a) File > New   b) File > Open   c) Create > New   d) Start > New File

Answer: A

76. Pick the odd one.

    a) Simple Lasso Tool   b) Polygonal Lasso Tool   c) Magic Lasso Tool   d) Magnetic Lasso Tool

Answer: C

77. .....Color modegive us a black and white version of photo

    a) RGB   b) Grayscale   c) CMYK   d) HSB

Answer: B

78. …………..is Photoshop’s native file format

    a) JPEG   b) PSD   c) PDF   d) TIFF

Answer: B

79. ………..tool is used to select an area based on a specific colour

    a) Magic wand   b) Lasso   c) Marquee   d) Brush

Answer: A

One Word Questions

1. .....is a sequence of instructions written in computer language.

Answer: Programs

2. ....language can be directly interpreted by hardware

Answer: Machine Language

3. "Any complex problem can be solved by breaking it down into different tasks and solving each task by performing simpler activities" This concept is known as......

Answer: Modular Design

4. The solution for the main module will be developed only after designing solutions to its sub module. This style of approach is known as.....

Answer: Bottom Up Design

5. A precise step-by-step procedure to solve a problem is called....

Answer: Algorithm

6. A pictorial representation of an algorithm is called.....

Answer: Flow Chart

7. Find the value given by the following expression if n=11, n%3= ?

Answer: 2

8. What will be the value of P=P++ + ++Q where P is 22 and Q=3 initially

Answer: 27

9. Name the header files to be included to use cin and cout in programs

Answer: stdio.h

10. All pre-processor directive statements should begins with.....

Answer: character #

11. Write a statement for storing the string "NO SMOKING" using a character array

Answer: char str[10]="NO SMOKING";

12. If int M[20]; is an array contains 1-20 natural numbers. Then which element of an array will be referenced by M[11]?

Answer: 12

13. How many bytes will be allocated in the memory to store the string "MY SCHOOL"?

Answer: 9 bytes

14. .....function can be used to find the square root of a number?

Answer: sqrt();

15. .....is a redirection operator

Answer: | (pipe)

16. The default return type of a function in C++ is.....

Answer: int

17. .....is a collection of related records

Answer: File

18. .....user in DBMS is to have central control of both the data and the programmes that access those data

Answer: Administrator

19. Abstraction of database can be viewed in.....levels

Answer: 3

20. .....level of data abstraction describing how the data is saved on storage device

Answer: Physical

21. Expand DML?

Answer: Data Manipulation Language

22. Name the command used to remove table structure from database?

Answer: Drop Table

23. SQL stands for.....

Answer: Structured Query Language

24. Name software for creating Engineering drawings

Answer: CAD software

25. Which of the object gives a circular section, when it is cut completely by a section plane(irrespective of the angle of the section plane)

Answer: Sphere

26. The member of a structure are accessed using.....operator

Answer: dot[.] operator

27. A structure inside another structure is called.....

Answer: Nested Structure

28. Expand RDBMS

Answer: Relational Database Management System

29. .....line are used to indicate imaginary features

Answer: Section Line

30. .....is an information space where resources are identified by URL?

Answer: WWW

31. Name a criminal activities dealing with computers and networks

Answer: Cyber Crime

32. <p> tag is used for.....

Answer: Paragraph

33. Which heading level is usually the same size as the main text on a web page

Answer: H4

34. .....is a keyword separated by a space within angle brackets along with the tag which provides additional information

Answer: alt

35. Which tag is used to insert music in your web page?

Answer: tag

36. Keyword used to define a constant in PHP is.....

Answer: define keyword

37. In PHP multiline comment can enclosed in....

Answer: /* and */

38. Shared hosting is also known as....hosting

Answer: Virtual

39. Name the hosting technique which allow us to place our web server in our own location

Answer: Self Service Web Hosting

40. Most expensive hosting technique is....

Answer: Dedicated hosting

41. .....is used to transfer the files of the website from our computer to our web server

Answer: FTP Software(Filezilla)

42. Expand GPS

Answer: Global Positioning System

43. .....describes computing that uses extremely small devices

Answer: Nano Computing

44. .....is an example of an expert system used to perform medical diagnosis

Answer: MYCIN (ANN based)

45. ALU is ………………………………

Answer: Arithmetic and Logical Unit

46. IBM 1401 is

Answer: Second Generation Computer

47. EBCDIC stands for

Answer: Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code

48. ASCII stands for

Answer: American Standard Code for Information Interchange

49. Main component of first generation computer was……………….

Answer: vacuum tubes

50. Which generation of computers use microprocessor is the main component?

Answer: Fourth Generation

51. Stored program concept was introduced by ……………

Answer: John von Neumann

52. DVD ROM is a ………………. Memory

Answer: Secondary

53. CD-ROM stands for ………………….

Answer: Compact Disk-ROM

54. The output quality of a printer is measured in …………………..

Answer: dpi

55. An interface between user and computer is …………………..

Answer: Operating System

56. Hexadecimal Number system uses …………….. Symbols.

Answer: 16

57. ………….. is a Software provided by the manufacturer for the proper working of. hardware is

Answer: Driver

58. Usually printer is connected to ________ port.

Answer: Parallel or USB

59. ---------- is the process of dividing the physical drive spaces into pieces.

Answer: partitioning

60. ---------- should be provided inside a cabinet to decrease overall temperature

Answer: heat sink

61. ---------- file system supports security features.

Answer: NTFS

62. SCSI stands for----------

Answer: Small Computer System Interface

63. ----------is defined as the total number of pixels in width by the total number of pixels. in height.

Answer: resolution

64. ………allows to send telephone calls (voice data) using standard Internet Protocol

Answer: VoIP

65. LAN stands for

Answer: Local Area Network

66. IP address is assigned to every computer that connects to the Internet is ………

Answer: Node/Host

67. ………. ip address is used for communication within the network

Answer: loopback/

68. ……are data communication devices that convert digital signals to analog signals, and vice. versa

Answer: Modem

69. NIC stands for ……

Answer: Network Interface Card

70. Size of MAC address is ………………….

Answer: 48 bit

71. In …… topology entire network shuts down if there is a break in the main cable

Answer: BUS

72. FTP stands for ……

Answer: File Transfer Protocol

73. CCTV stands for .........

Answer: Closed Circuit Tele Vision

74. DVR stands for .......

Answer: Digital Video Recorder

75. NVR stands for ...........

Answer: Network Video Recorder

76. There are two types of camera technologies – analog and

Answer: Digital

77. PTZ stands for .........

Answer: Pan Tilt Zoom

78. To connect the CCTV camera and the DVR ........ connector is used

Answer: BNC Connector

79. The communication done through sight is called ……………….

Answer: Visual Communication

80. SMCR model was introduced by ………………..

Answer: David Berlo

81. Large number of heterogeneous audiences is the main characteristics of …………..

Answer: Mass Communication

82. WYSIWYG stands for ----------

Answer: What You See Is What You Get

83. In PageMaker Plug-in is in -------- menu

Answer: Utilities

84. Tex wrap option of PageMaker comes under ---------- menu

Answer: Element

85. The major software used to produce .Pmd files is ----------

Answer: Pagemaker

86. In PageMaker, vertical alignment is related with -------

Answer: Frames

87. In PageMaker threading is related with --------

Answer: Text

88. In PageMaker 'Column guides' option is in ----------- menu

Answer: Layout

89. Extension file of CorelDraw is ……………

Answer: .cdr

90. Bitmap images are made up of …………………….

Answer: Pixels

91. Corel Draw is ………………………type drawing package

Answer: Vector

92. Which tool is used for selecting and deselecting object?

Answer: Pick Tool

93. Which type of text tool is used for creating heading in CorelDraw?

Answer: Artistic Text Tool

94. Which tool is used to magnifying an image?

Answer: Zoom Tool

95. Shortcut key for duplicating an image in CorelDraw is……………….

Answer: Ctrl+D

96. Wire Frame view is related with ……………….

Answer: CorelDraw

97. Duplicate layer in Photoshop is in -------- menu

Answer: Layer

98. It is possible to rasterize a ---------- in Photoshop

Answer: Layer

99. Liquidity is a---------------- in Photoshop

Answer: Filter

100. Extension of Photoshop file is ---------------

Answer: .psd

101. Distort is a ----------------in Photoshop

Answer: Filter

102. In Photoshop shear is a --------------------

Answer: Filter

103. In Photoshop magic wand tool is used for ------------------

Answer: Selecting a particular color image

104. ---------- tool paints with a sample of an image in Photoshop

Answer: clone stamp

105. In Photoshop ---------- tool is used to move the image

Answer: move tool

106. The tool in Photoshop that helps to insert characters is ----------------

Answer: Text Tool

107. ---------- tool is used to smoothen images in Photoshop

Answer: Smudge

108. In Photoshop 3D effect is in ------- menu

Answer: Filter

109. Transform command is in -------- menu.

Answer: Edit

110. JPEG stands for ------------------------

Answer: Joint Photographic Expert Group

True/False Questions

1. "Computer has no intelligence of its own". State true or false

Answer: True

2. In Top down design, we start 'at the top' with a general problem and design specific solutions to its sub problems . State true or false

Answer: True

3. Manu argues that mark and Mark are different identifiers in C++.State whether it is True or False

Answer: True

4. All keywords comprise lower case letters. State true or false

Answer: True

5. All C++ programme execution starts from main() function. State true or false

Answer: True

6. A function returns a maximum of only one value. State true or false

Answer: True

7. A constructor can be overloaded. State true or false

Answer: True

8. A friend function is a non-member function. State true or false

Answer: True

9. A file name should have primary name. State true or false

Answer: True

10. A file can be opened by using a constructor. State true or false

Answer: True

11. PHP is case sensitive. State true or false

Answer: True(Variable names are case-sensitive but function names are not case sensitive)

12. Ctrl+B is the short-cut key for Bold in Pagemaker

Answer: False (ctrl+shift+B)

13. It is not possible to rotate text in PageMaker

Answer: False

14. Ctrl+S is the shortcut key for save in Pagemaker

Answer: True

15. Gutter is the gap between columns on a page in Pagemaker

Answer: True

16. In Corel Draw, to change a rectangle in to a circle, shape. tool is used.

Answer: True

17. It is possible to save a Photoshop image in different formats.

Answer: True

18. JPEG is a movie format

Answer: False

19. It is possible to take a print out from Photoshop

Answer: True

20. Using Photoshop Black and White photos can be change to colour.

Answer: True

21. PDF files are opened using Acrobat reader

Answer: True

22. It is not possible to invert the colours in Photoshop

Answer: False

23. PNG is a movie picture format

Answer: False

24. Photoshop is a software used for image, editing etc

Answer: True

25. Lasso tool is available in Photoshop tool box

Answer: True